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Saturday, November 24, 2012


After such a trying week we were quite happy to experience what I call the Shabbat trifecta.  Cleaning lady came on Thursday and we got invited out for both meals.  Ahhhhhh.  Just feel us relaxing.  Also, now that winter is here we finally figured out what the parachute like attachment is on the kids' backpacks.  Rain protecter.  Rather ingenious actually.  We are in the rainy season now and the weather has gotten a bit colder.  I think many of the Israelis actually consider it cold so our children are going around in sandals and summer fabrics and their children are wearing fleeces and boots.  Lital has very much been enjoying her super cute rain boots from Judi S (thank you Judi).  Yes.  She wears them to walk in and out of the car on rainy days and then from the car into the school building where she changes her shoes again.  You know it's important to show them off but you wouldn't want to wear your rain boots all day.

Friday morning we stayed and made a Hannukah menorah with Ariella at her gan.  Ariella is somehow like the Queen of England at her preschool.  These little kids love her and when she arrives they make all the proper fuss.  It is really pretty cute.  So Friday morning there were all these little kids coming to watch this little princess put the finishing touches on her Hanuukiah and telling me all about how Ariella plays with them in Hebrew.   They were so proud of her.  The teacher on the other hand still wants her formally evaluated.  Oy vay.  Yet another thing to do.

Lital is supposed to make a Hannukah menorah at home.  Apparently we completely missed the Noah's ark she was supposed to make so I would like to actually participate this time.  If anyone has a good idea for an at home Hannukah menorah craft please share.

And Uncle Howie if you are reading:  please let us know if you are indeed a checkers champion.  Nehemiah has been telling some of his friends that his Uncle Howie is one of the 50 best checker players in NY.

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