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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rocket man

Hello all.  Thanks so much to everyone for calling e-mailing etc.  Hearing from you really helps us.  I haven't posted in a few days b/c of the war.   There is something surreal about the possibility of rockets landing on your head.  Or waiting for sirens to run into your shelter to keep rockets from landing on your head.  Or constantly talking about rockets landing on your head.  Our kids had not yet gotten used to school on Sunday so I was hoping to prep them in some super easy way but N came home from school telling us all about it.  (It's OK for all of you who want to say that "we're not in Kansas anymore").  And it's true that we're not.

 We're lucky our kids are still in school.  In towns that are only a short distance away (like 5 kilometers--and we all know that if I can run a 5k it can't be a very large distance) schools are cancelled as a safety precaution.  The local governments do a really great job with it though.  Many towns are taking day trips every day to zoos, parks etc.  The children definitely feel the disruption but they are making the best of it.  We had plans to stay with friends in a more dangerous area but we decided not to go and instead invite our friends to us.  I feel sad that the kids now have safe rooms and bombs in their world view but I guess maybe we're lucky that they made it this far before only hearing about it.  Thank God not experiencing it first hand.  Many kids in the world aren't as lucky. There is a general sense of anxiety here but at the same time you still have to make dinner, do laundry etc.  Many moms are now doing this on their own as their husbands have been called up for reserve duty.  I wouldn't even be able to begin to imagine what they are going through.  I am ever thankful to the very brave Israeli soldiers who literally risk their lives to keep us safe.  This isn't a political blog but you can't really "make peace" with people who have sworn to wipe you off planet earth.  So what can we hope for?  Right now, just defending our right to be here.


  1. well they did have safe rooms in kansas, at least our house has one!

    1. You are double covered then Dara b/c you have your safe room and your neighbor across the street has probably the largest arsenal in Johnson County in case the white supremacists decide to make trouble.