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Friday, August 2, 2013

Downton Abbey

My wise friend Elisa calls the first year in Israel the "Sabbatical year" for children.  What with all the new things being thrust at them every day, it's natural to sort of ease up on the home front expectations.  To that end, the kids have not had a lot of responsibility at home this past year and have sort of come to see Michael and me as their personal wait staff.  With moving again, I was sort of inclined to extend the Sabbatical season a bit but when they started giving us 3's and 4's on the comment cards I realized that perhaps things had gone a bit too far.  So now we are giving them chores and added duties at home.  They of course are thrilled with the new management.  Recent exchange:

Child:  I need water.

Me:  OK.  You know where the cups are so you can get your own water.

Child:  Do I have to do everything around here?

And my personal favorite from a child:  (frustrated tone)  "Really you guys, I just finished vacuuming." It's almost too much fun.  Plus, not that I am in anyway insulting their abilities but they're currently making plans to market their "cleaning crew" to the neighbors and while I grant that people often grumble about the availability of a good cleaner, I don't think they are yet up to the challenge.

After some of their household duties were done we went to a pottery painting place nearby.  It's a worthwhile outing because it keeps the kids occupied for a good 10 minutes.  Throw in the 10 minutes there and back and you have a solid 30 minute activity.  Seriously though, it was fun.  A woman stopped to admire the frog N was painting and she told him he might become a famous painter.  He replied that it was actually his dream to become the goalie for Liverpool.  Wouldn't you know?  She was from Liverpool.  It was great.  As we were leaving he gave her his name so she could watch for him in 10 years.  Savta Joanie always loves taking the kids to paint pottery and now that we live so close to one, you can take them next time you're here Joan.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Lital ripped a sleeve on her dress but assured me that she could fix it because "Bubbie taught me how to sew."  Well it looks like she needs a reminder tutorial from Bubbie but I figured that if I can suture in the ED how different can it be?  So I fixed the dress but Bubbie, the kids have been asking when you are coming to visit.  They want their apple slices, cookies, potato latkes and knishes.  OK, I'm the one who wants the knishes but the kids miss their Bubbie so please plan a visit soon!  So excited to see my parents, Saba and Savta next week.  The kids are excited to show you around and the walking path behind our apartments has around 40+ species of flora and fauna including dad's beloved cacti.  We won't have to go far to get the beauty in.