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Sunday, December 2, 2012

No expectations

Friday we had a major cultural experience in the form of the preschool Hannukah party.  A few weeks ago we were told that there would be a party/performance.  I was sort of expecting a 5 minute deal where the kids sing about the Maccabees, we have some cookies and call it a wrap.  When we dropped Ariella off the morning of the party all of the other children were wearing blue and white.   Ariella was in pink.  I'd like to say it was a language thing but any readers who were with us in our previous preschool would probably call me out on that one.  We haven't always been the most attentive to these details.  Anyway, we returned a few minutes before the "show"  and changed Ariella into blue and white.  What followed was a full on extravaganza.

These kids sang and danced their hearts out for a full hour.  There were costumes, there wet set changes, there was even a segment which I can only describe as "Riverdance Hannukah."  It was truly remarkable and I was happy to see Ariella singing along.   (Mom-dad-Joan-Paul you should seriously consider being here for one these shows--they are incredible).  The teacher who has been concerned about Ariella's reluctance to speak in the classroom probably wasn't predicting that Ariella would do a running commentary in between numbers.  She suddenly felt the need in front of the 40 or so adults who were there to watch to let us know how wonderful she thought the show was going (in Hebrew).  At the end parents and kids joined in for some special spinning dance (think spinning dreidel) which probably everyone in the room knew from their own childhood and now Ariella will too!  Seriously, I can only hope that each of you gets some moment in your lifetime that is as amazing for you as it was for us standing in Israel watching these children sing about the Hannukah miracles and sing "Am Yisrael Chai" as we are about to celebrate out first Hannukah as Israelis.  Exceptional.

Our family friend, Hannah, who is here learning for the year came to spend another Shabbat with us.  So great having her around.  While the kids were playing on Shabbat afternoon N apparently gave her a lecture on the importance of attending college.  Hannah told me later that N let her know that if she didn't go to college she could end up on the street and no one wants that.

Tonight we walked to our new favorite local felafel stand for dinner.  Darn if the calories in calories out thing doesn't follow you wherever you go.  Anyway, I had the most amazing chicken pita and so the owner said that next time he wants to make an even better chicken pita for me.  Some type of Jerusalem pita.  I was totally into it when he was telling me about the spices and the onions but when he got to the chicken heart I had to pause.  "I don't think I understood that last part, Lior.  Could we try in English?"  So he said chicken heart in English.   That did not make it sound any more appealing.  N wanted to know if there was any part of the chicken that was not Kosher.  Lior was shocked that I had never heard of this delicacy.  So any readers out there that are foodies?  Please help me out. Have you ever heard of eating chicken heart?


  1. What a nice post. Neis Gadol Hahah Po!!!

    About the last part. It called "Meurav Yerusalem" loosely translated as the Mix from Jerusalem. It's basically mixed gizzards with onions. Heart, livers and little round things which I am not sure what they are. You might what to stick with the chicken shnizel. :)

    1. Yes Rebecca I think for now I will stick with the more familiar!