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Friday, December 14, 2012

An ounce of prevention is worth 28 grams

[Pre-post note:  And the winner of the never-announced "Guess The Title Theme" contest is Mala R., who correctly  and without coaxing pointed out that my recent blog post titles were all the names of Rolling Stones songs.  Congratulations Mala!  You win the prize of the fame and fortune that comes with being mentioned on this blog!]

Took the kids to get flu shots Tuesday.  They were used to getting the nasal mist vaccine and were somewhat terrified at the prospect of an actual needle.  Lital's library "job" starts at 4 and the clinic opens at 4 so I figured she would just be a few minutes late.  I got mine first to show them that it didn't hurt but that didn't seem to help.  While Nehemiah was talking 100 miles a minute and Lital was screaming, little Ariella just walked up to the chair rolled up her sleeve and got the shot.  Barely a flicker registered on her face.  I was rather surprised.  Her bravery did not seem to inspire her older brother and sister and we still had a lot of convincing.  I know from years in the ER that once people go to that irrational fear place no amount of talking will bring them back because well it isn't rational.  Eventually Nehemiah swallowed hard and got the shot and so did Lital.  I asked Lital why she finally stopped screaming and she said "the nurse told me to hold still, I didn't want her to have to do it all over again."  Go figure.

Next day we went to an amusement park in Tel Aviv.   Fortunately it was a beautiful sunny day and perfect weather to enjoy.  The park reminded me of Rye Playland.  The type of amusement park that is fun and has great rides but still has character.  We called in advance to see if they had a kosher food booth and they said they did.  Now we'll know for next time to ask if it's open.   The same two who were begging not to get their shots have absolutely no fear of super fast upside down spinning amusement park rides.  Remember the irrational fear?  I am terrified of roller coasters (though I'm sure some readers would agree that this is most likely something highly rational!)  I don't like inclines at all.  I mean I'm slightly uncomfortable in San Francisco.  So as always I prefer to watch them enjoy the terrors.  At the kiddie coaster Ariella wanted to get on.  Most amusement parks I've ever been to have a sign with a height measure.  If you're up the line you're in and if not you're out.  This park had printed signs with height requirements (maybe in Israel parents are more up to date on their kids' heights) and age recommendations (for scariness purposes).  I was laughing at that one because I am 38 and I am afraid of the coasters but my 7 year old isn't so I don't think the sign helps much in that department.

Here's a picture of one of the coasters.  For those who read Hebrew note that it says:  Anaconda.  This brings me to another good point.  If you are struggling to figure out a Hebrew word on a sign it is most likely an English word spelled out such as "An--Kon--Da".  There are so many and it's fun when you find one.  (In this picture it helps to have the snake right above as a visual because I might have walked away thinking Ankonda was the word for roller coaster).

Anyway, I got the gold star parent award when Ariella measured tall enough for the kiddie coaster and I tried to send her on with Nehemiah and Lital.  The worker told me I had to go on.   When I tried to tell her I was afraid of roller coasters it didn't register.  I don't think it was my Hebrew.  I think it was that I was sending my 4 year old on a ride that I was afraid to go on.  OK.  So I sucked it up and went on.  While we were waiting all the children in line were giving me tons of encouragement.  In the end it reminded me of Disney's space mountain because I had my eyes closed the whole time.  But Ariella loved it.

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