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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Put on those Vulcan ears

So the Purim candy hop that Lital went on was so fantastic, that I want to share.  I had originally thought it seemed like a trick-or-treat type scenario but it was so different.  Apparently, the kids go out on both nights of Rosh Chodesh (beginning of the new month) in full Purim costume singing and dancing.  They collect a sandwich bag full of treats.  On night two they came to our house and they really are spreading the joy of Adar.  About 25 kids in costume came dancing in, sang the popular (Mishe nichnas Adar) Adar song, got a couple of mentos each and went on their way.  In the same way that even though I don't get a "summer vacation" anymore but when the end of school rolls around I just feel a little lighter and as if there is something more to look forward to, I imagine that kids growing up in Israel must feel the joy of Adar well into their adult life.  Last year, I got the sense that Purim is almost a month-long celebration but now I can really say that.  These kids have dress up days/parties/activities etc. for weeks leading up to Purim.  With each one at a different school I can barely keep track of the goings on but now that they understand Hebrew they are keeping track.  Homework, surprisingly, still can fall through the cracks, but the "I need to bring chips for the party" message makes it's way home each and every time.   Plus,  Ariella's interpretation of the Purim story is keeping us laughing.

I started at the hospital this week.  That in and of itself is a whole megillah (got to stay on theme) which I will write about at a later time but suffice it to say for now that if you are feeling sort of doldrum, ho-hum about your life...move to a new country and try doing your job there.  It is an eye opening experience.  I am trying not to compare because it is like comparing the proverbial apple and orange.  Instead, I am just trying to observe and experience.  One thing I learned this week, which means that Israel's more limited resources must be allocated quite efficiently:  Life expectancy in Israel is one of the highest in the World.  #14 (US is 35).

Which gives us the first half, at least, of the classic Vulcan greeting.

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