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Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter wonderland

Only a short time after my last post, it started snowing in Modiin!!  According to neighbors, this is a first.  What fun.  Our kids were so thrilled (until they realized that hats and gloves were still in boxes--snow is actually pretty darn cold).  No matter,  all the kids ran out and had their 4 minutes of snowball throwing until their hands just couldn't take it.  Guess that's better than spending 10 minutes getting them bundles up just to have them tell you they have to go to the bathroom.  Actually, if we had all the winter gear they would have missed out on the fun in the time it would have taken to bundle them up.   My sense is that this snow might not be here in the morning but loads of fun for kids.  Very glad we don't have to drive anywhere.

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