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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Made in China

I don't think 11 months is a long enough time to be away that you are considered a foreigner in your own country and yet there I stood on a Friday afternoon, like a stranger from far away.  Since I work every night except for Friday nights, I use Friday afternoon as my day to buy things that I want to bring back to Israel.  I was somewhat sleep deprived and left my sunglasses on when I went into Target.  My regular glasses were in the car and well, I wasn't going to go "all the way back" to the car to get them.  I saw a dress hanging on the clearance rack that was very cute but didn't have any particular clearance sticker so I asked a worker to price check it for me.

She looked at the tag, looked at me and in heavily accented English replied "twenty seven ninety nine miss".  I can read, so I tried explaining the whole "it was hanging on the rack so I was wondering if it was on sale" thing but she just repeated "twenty seven ninety nine".  It's likely she thought I was stoned.  And I suppose I was sort of under the influence.  The heady intoxication that can only come from buying cheap goods made in China.  I don't know why but the cheap goods from China that you buy in Israel are sort of expensive and  yet of an inferior quality.  If there are any readers out there who can explain it to me, I'd love to know why that is. Either way, I'll be hauling my 40lbs of goodies back with me next week when I head back to Israel.

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