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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Here we are

Empty parkings lots and stores completely closed at 7 pm on a Sunday night even though we were at a major outdoor shopping mall.  That's because Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial day) was beginning.  Savta Joanie and Saba Paul (grandparents) are visiting us and had taken the kids to Toys 'r us to each pick out a gift.  With all the activity of the last few days we hadn't realized what day it was until we saw everything starting to close.  We had stopped at a little felafel stand at the mall and watched the place empty out.   It's hard to explain in words how that felt but as we drove home past closed stores and empty parking lots the feeling that we are in deed living in a Jewish country sunk in because the entire country is involved in the memorial.  We were told that tomorrow at 10am sirens will sound and everyone will stop what they are doing (to include apparently drivers on the road) and stand at attention for two minutes of silence in memory of all the murdered victims.

Also of note, today was a day that a group of cyber hackers who call themselves "anonymous"  (really?) vowed to "wipe Israel off the virtual map" and tried to bring all the servers down.  So of course I specifically wanted to post my blog today as a way to say, be it eating felafel in our land or posting about it virtually----still here.

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