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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My 3 weeks in the US are coming to a rapid close.  I have been working with the most stellar staff and we have been working hard.  Another shout out to my parents who really made my stay here like a little vacation (albeit a vacation in which you work 16 night shifts in 19 nights).  The focus over the last few days has been how to get 70 pounds of stuff into the 50 pound weight restriction that the airlines now have for luggage.  The laws of physics really don't change but remember Einstein's little theory of relativity?  Well I feel that it is all relative, and if the folks at US air only understood how important my need to bring Costco garbage bags and Ziploc bags back with me they would allow for a little overage in the luggage weight.  I have garbage bags stuffed in every nook and cranny of my suitcase.   I don't know why but the people who made the dessert bloom have not had much success with garbage bags.

While I was away A started speaking at her preschool.  Apparently her first words were "Ani Lo Rotzah" (I don't want to) after being asked to do something.   The preschool teacher might be longing for the days of silence but I think at this point those days are over.  Can't wait to see my kids and they can't wait to see my 50 lbs of American goodies!

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