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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rosh Hashana has come and gone.  Our first big holiday in Israel.  Wouldn't you know it has to be a two day Yom Tov.   Hello???? We moved to Israel--um, we should only have one day now.  

Ariella's gan (preschool) teacher kindly sent home a kazoo/pretend shofar.  How sad we were when that little buzzer just disappeared.

The spirit in the air was contagious and the community has been so welcoming that I felt emboldened to have some guests at our place.  I was caught up in the energy, the buzz, the joy.  I might have taken notice of our very small oven.  Some of my menu items had to be completely scratched b/c frankly I barely had the time to make what I did.  Which of course was entirely too much food.   Note to self:  we also have a  very small refrigerator.  And no, in case you're wondering, moving things around that are already in the fridge doesn't really create space for new food.   

We had only one kitchen fire and well I've always felt that parchment paper might be slightly over rated.  My late father-in-law Arthur Merdinger (of blessed memory) taught us early on to always be prepared for a kitchen fire.  The red fire extinguisher stood ever ready on our counter thanks to him.   Funny thing is they don't allow pressurized containers on your lift so what did I do?  "MICHAEL--GET IN HERE NOW!"   Fortunately, all was contained within the oven and no damage done.  We really did have an amazing Yom Tov.  

On the second night we went for dinner to a French family who emigrated about 17 years ago.  Their parents (just made aliyah 3 years ago---hint-hint mom and dad), sister and brother-in-law (from Australia) and an Aunt were also there.   It was like walking into an enchanted garden.  Tables were set up in the backyard with the backdrop of fruit trees.  The evening was so lovely with one delicious thing after another and such warm and wonderful conversation we didn't want to leave.  We also got to experience a new (to us) custom of eating different foods with symbolic significance.   At the end of the meal when they asked if anyone wanted tea or coffee N replied "I'll take decaf if you have any-that's all my mom lets me have at this hour."

And while we're on the subject of hours.  Just found out today that Israelis set their clocks back one hour this week to coincide with Yom Kippur.  Yes friends they have gifted us with one less hour of daytime fasting.   That is what I call good for the Jews.  

Shana tovah.


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  3. Did you mention how your quick-thinking husband figured out how to extinguish the fire and save the day?